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  • Réalisateur(s) : Renny Harlin
  • Acteur(s) : Sylvester Stallone - John Lithgow - Michael Rooker
  • Origine : Italy | France | USA
  • Genre : Action | Adventure | Thriller
  • Année : 1993
  • Durée : 112 min
  • Titre Original : Cliffhanger
  • Synopsis : Whilst crossing a ledge, 4000 feet above the earth, Gabe's friend's equiptment fails to work and she slips out of his hand, falling to the ground. Almost a year later, Gabe is asked to go back to the same mountain range and rescue a group of 'stranded' people. The only catch is that these so called 'stranded' people are infact looking for three boxes filled with $100,000,000 and they need mountain ranger to lead them to them!!


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